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The Basics section covers the most common essential topics relevant to users of all technical levels.

Being familiar with blockchain technology is helpful, but it's not absolutely essential. Links to additional reading materials will be provided along the way.


An introduction to the key concepts that serve as a foundation for the Nervos platform and differentiate Nervos from other blockchain ecosystems. We explore concepts at a high-level in a simplified way that is easy to understand.


Walkthroughs on common topics such as setting up a full node and using the Neuron Wallet.


A list of common tools used with Nervos, such as the Neuron Wallet, the CKB Explorer, and Testnet Faucet.


A comprehensive list of terminology used in blockchain and cryptocurrency.


The FAQ section includes questions that are commonly asked by customers and cover topics including CKB address or layer 1, cell model, consensus and more.