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Run a Mainnet Node

Running a Mainnet node allows you to participate directly in the live blockchain, supporting the network's operation and integrity. This guide will cover the steps needed to set up and run a mainnet node on CKB, which is ideal for those looking to be actively involved in the network's governance and day-to-day activities. We suggest a minimum of 100GB of local storage for this purpose.

Step 1: Download CKB Binary


We will use ckb_v0.115.0 for this guide. Please ensure you download the latest version corresponding to your operating system.

Get the latest CKB binary from Github releases.

Step 2: Navigate to CKB Directory

Unzip the downloaded file to an easily accessible folder, e.g., C:\ckb for Windows, ~/Documents for Mac. Open your terminal/command line and navigate to your CKB directory using the following command:

  cd /Users/(NAME)/Documents/ckb_v0.115.0-rc3_aarch64-apple-darwin-portable/ckb

Step 3: Verify versions

  ckb --version
ckb-cli --version

Step 4: Initialize Node

  ckb init --chain mainnet

Step 5: Start the CKB Mainnet Node

  ckb run

By following these steps, you've successfully started a CKB node connected to the mainnet. This node will participate in the network, contributing to its security and robustness.

Track Your Node

Track your node using CKB Node Probe and view the global distribution of active CKB nodes.