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Lock Script

This defines the Script that determines the ownership of a Cell, used to govern the logic associated with Cell ownership.

A typical Lock Script references the hash value of the Cell storing the referenced signature algorithm in the code_hash, and stores parameters related to the public key address in the args.

Structure of Lock Script

When unlocking this Cell, i.e., completing the Lock Script verification, the user needs to place the signature information in the witness. During the verification, Lock Script verifies whether the result matches the args through the signature information and the indexed signature algorithm, ensuring that the transaction is indeed signed by the owner of the input Cell.

Similar to the scriptPubKey in Bitcoin's CTxOut, anyone who can provide unlocking parameters to successfully execute the Script can use the Cell as an input for the transfer (i.e., has ownership of the Cell).


The signature algorithm and hash function used in the Lock Script are not hardcoded by the CKB protocol. Developers are free to design and implement customized signature algorithms and hash functions in the Script. This can also be implemented in Type Script.