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Example: A Role-Playing Game

As an example, we’ve developed a role-playing game consisting of four schema files:

  • Basic Types
  • Attributes
  • Roles
  • Skills

Basic Types

// AttrValue is an alias of `byte`.
// Since Molecule data are strongly-typed, it can gives compile time guarantees
// that the right type of value is supplied to a method.
// In this example, we use this alias to define an unsigned integer which
// has an upper limit: 100.
// So it's easy to distinguish between this type and a real `byte`.
// Of course, the serialization wouldn't do any checks for this upper limit
// automatically. You have to implement it by yourself.
// **NOTE**:
// - This feature is dependent on the exact implementation.
// In official Rust generated code, we use new type to implement this feature.
array AttrValue [byte; 1];

// SkillLevel is an alias of `byte`, too.
// Each skill has only 10 levels, so we use another alias of `byte` to distinguish.
array SkillLevel [byte; 1];

// Define several unsigned integers.
array Uint8 [byte; 1];
array Uint16 [byte; 2];
array Uint32 [byte; 4];


import common/basic_types;

// Each role has 8 attributes. The size is fixed.
struct Attributes {
strength: AttrValue,
dexterity: AttrValue,
endurance: AttrValue,
speed: AttrValue,
intelligence: AttrValue,
wisdom: AttrValue,
perception: AttrValue,
concentration: AttrValue,


import attributes;
import skills;
import common/basic_types;

// We have only 3 classes: Fighter, Ranger and Mage. A `byte` is enough.
array Class [byte; 1];

table Hero {
class: Class,
level: Uint8,
experiences: Uint32,
hp: Uint16,
mp: Uint16,
base_damage: Uint16,
attrs: Attributes,
skills: Skills,

table Monster {
hp: Uint16,
damage: Uint16,


import common/basic_types;

// We define several skills.
// None means the role can learn a skill but he/she doesn't learn it.
option ArmorLight (SkillLevel);
option ArmorHeavy (SkillLevel); // only Fighter can learn this
option ArmorShields (SkillLevel); // only Fighter can learn this
option WeaponSwords (SkillLevel); // only Mage can't learn this
option WeaponBows (SkillLevel); // only Ranger can learn this
option WeaponBlunt (SkillLevel);
option Dodge (SkillLevel);
option PickLocks (SkillLevel);
option Mercantile (SkillLevel);
option Survival (SkillLevel);
// ... omit other skills ...

// Any skill which is defined above.
union Skill {
// ... omit other skills ...

// A hero can learn several skills. The size of learned skills is dynamic.
vector Skills <Skill>;